Dangerous Art

Four members of Kuchinate collaborated with Gil Yefman to create this exhibition. Both Yefman and the asylum-seeking women of Kuchinate cope with trauma through crochet, as well as working and living together in South Tel Aviv. In his art work, Yefman combines traditional handcrafts, mainly crochet, as a way of reflecting collective trauma. Similarly, the women of Kuchinate express their painful stories through crochet in the artworks. The project focuses on their memories from their home countries, in contrast with their current identities, dealing with their complex Israeli reality. The repetitive nature of this handcraft is therapeutic and helps the women cope with the challenges they face. In November 2017, the exhibition was displayed at the Haifa Museum of Art, curated by Svetlana Reingold.

In April 2018, the exhibition travelled to New York to be part of the "VOILATED! Women in Holocaust and Genocide" exhibition in collaboration with the Remember the Women Institute at the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery. 

Gil Yefman is one of the more prominent contemporary Israeli artists, and the winner of the 2017 Rappaport Prize laureate for young Israeli artists. 

Photography by Rona Yefman

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